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1st Grade Resources


1st Grade Curriculum Resource Sites
English Language Arts Math Science Social Studies Technology
  Harcourt Math Habitat Ruby Bridges MOMA


First Grade Skill Builder- Interactive Sites   Desert   Keyboard Zoo
    IXL 1st Grade Skills Pbs Kids-Science   ABC
  Dositey Let's Tessellate New! BBC Science   Typing Munchies

Puzzle Me

ABC Order
Starfall Funbrain Brain 
for 1st Grade
        Cup Stack





 Oochy goes to the Fair        
Counting       Going Places Safely
  Count the Fish        
BBC Connect the Dots 1-15       Hour of Code
  Connect the Dots 1-20        
  Counting by Twos: Connect the dots        
  FreeMathTest -
counting by 2's,
counting by 10's
  Flash Cards        
  Base 10        
  Add two one-digit numbers        
  Beginning Subtraction using Objects        
  Bowling Subtraction        
  Simple Subtraction        
  Flash Cards