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Title 1 Parent & Family Engagement Plan

Beaufort Elementary School

Title 1 Parent and Family Engagement Plan 2020-21

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The vision of Beaufort Elementary is to be a community of learners empowered to achieve goals and become leaders in a safe and positive environment.

Mission: Learn, Lead, Achieve


1. Compassion

2. Family

3. Communication

4. Integrity



 I. Parents are invited and encouraged to be on school committees that impact student learning.

A. School Improvement Plan Committee

B. Parent Advisory Council

C. Parent-managed PTO

D. Parent nights with focus - understanding of grade level curriculum and expectations, as well as how to support students in various content areas


 II. Parents will be given school information in a timely manner.

 A. North Carolina School Report Cards

 B. School Improvement Plan

 C. Student Progress Reports and Report Cards

 D. Expected Grade Level Proficiency Levels

 E. Opportunities for Parent Meetings/Conferences with Mandatory Conferences in the Fall

 F. Title I Requirements and Guidelines; Parental Rights; Notifications

 G. NC End-of -Grade Test Results

 H.  MTSS Problem Solving Meeting Notes for Targeted Students

 I. IEP Meetings That Address Annual Goals and Strengths of Students


III. Parents will be invited and encouraged to attend regular parent meetings at convenient times.

 A. School Improvement Plan Meetings

 B. Parent Advisory Council Meetings

 C. Informational Sessions Designed for Specific Purposes (Grade Level/Content Nights)

 D. Individual Parent Conferences

 E. Orientation to School (Meet and Greet) 

 F. Awards Ceremonies

 G. Coordinated Community/School Events

 H. Title I Informational Meetings

 I. PTO Meetings


IV. Frequent and effective communication, both formal and informal, will be established with parents.

 A. School Accountability Agreement

 B. Parent Conferences

 C. Classroom Newsletters

 D. Weekly School Newsletter (The Green Note)

 E. Weekly Communication Folder (Green Folder)

 F. School Messenger Weekly Sunday Night Call

 G. Parent Involvement Activities

 H. Information and Invitations from School for Schoolwide and Classroom Events

 I. Parent Surveys

 J. Communication with Teacher(s) and Administrators

 K. Information Translated into Other Languages As Needed

 L. Availability of Title I Budget and Policies (See Administration)

 M. School Webpage/Facebook Page


 V. Parents will have the opportunity to attend training to help them better understand how to help their children excel in school.

A. Open House(s)

B.  Volunteer Training

C. Parent and Family Engagement Activities/Workshops


 VI. Faculty and staff will encourage parent involvement and participation.

A. Parent Volunteer Opportunities

B. Field Trip Invitations

C. Class Party/Events Invitations

D. Parent Education Opportunities (Content, Community Resources, Behavior)

E. Parent Involvement Activities

F. Parent Conferences

G. Student Performances (Concerts, Art Show)

H   Volunteer Appreciation Events and Awards

I.   Schoolwide Reading Engagement Activities (One Book, One School)

J. Family Reading Program (Magical Storyteller)