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Carteret County School Medication Protocol


Carteret County School Medication Protocol

Guidelines for Administration of Medications at School


Parent / Guardian Responsibilities

  1. Obtain and return to school a medication consent form signed by both the health care provider and the parent/guardian for any medication to be given at school. This includes prescription as well as over-the-counter medications. The Carteret County Public Schools medication form should be used. However, if that form is not accessible to the health care provider then the medication consent form should include the following information:

    1. Student’s name

    2. Student’s grade & school

    3. Name of medication

    4. Dosage of medication to be given

    5. Form of medication (tablet, capsule, liquid, inhaler, injection, etc.)

    6. Time medication is to be administered

    7. Purpose of medication

    8. Symptoms for which “as needed” medication can be given

    9. How often “as needed” medication can be given

    10. Possible side effects

    11. Signature of health care provider authorized by NC State Law to prescribe medications and his or her contact information

    12. Parent / Guardian signature and date as well as contact information

  2. Medications must be brought to school by the parent/guardian/designated adult in an original prescription bottle. Over-the-counter medications must be brought in the original bottle or box. The medication should be identified with the following information:

    1. Student’s name

    2. Name of medication

We recommend the parent/guardian discuss with the pharmacy about the possibility of receiving two properly labeled containers - one container for home and one container for school.

  1. Medications cannot be sent to school on the bus, unless they are emergency medications (e.g., diabetes medication or epinephrine auto injectors) that are needed to be with the student at all times. Middle and high school students with proper self-administer medication paperwork may be allowed to have medications on the bus.

  2. At the end of the school year, parents/guardians are required to pick up any unused medications by the assigned date. Any leftover medications will be taken to the Carteret /county Sheriff’s Department by designated school personnel for proper disposal.

  3. Any change in medication, dosage, or time of administration shall be made through submission of a new, updated medication consent form with all required signatures. School nurses and school staff that administer medications will work with parents to assure that changes are made in a timely manner.

  4. Medication consent forms must be renewed by the parent/guardian with appropriate signatures from the parent/guardian and health care provider at the beginning of each new school year.

  5. Self-administration of medications as well as the complete CCPS medication policy is found in the Policy Manual on the CCPS website (policy 6125).